We urge those who are able to do so to start buying shares in Georgian companies

We call on everyone to start the working process of selecting, evaluating Georgian companies, negotiating and buying their shares, on those who can – persons and organizations. Many of the above can be done remotely.

We believe that for those who have the appropriate savings, today is the best time to buy shares of Georgian companies while complying with the requirement to stay home. Today it would be a great support for the companies to retain their employees with these funds and keep functioning, therefore, they will take it upon themselves. On the other hand, today the saving-holders are likely to be able to do this on the best of terms and become owners of a very cool asset in the long run. The more people do this, the greater will be the positive impact on the economy of our country.

We, for our part, will share our experience with others as to how we choose companies, how we buy, what processes we go through, and how we work to increase their value.

#Stay home but #don’t freeze motionless #let’s act