Synergy Capital attracted 1.5 million GEL in the last month despite the pandemic

საინვესტიციო კომპანიები

In the last month, despite the pandemic, we have been able to mobilize about 1.5 million GEL from investors – Georgian individuals. We are glad that there are people who see the need to invest in Georgian companies and the prospect of profitability and today they are investing their savings in it.

It is especially important that the share registration operations have been completed remotely. Both the Synergy team and our new investors were at home at this time, in different parts of the country, and we carried out these operations using electronic services.

Given the growing interest, we also continue actively looking for new companies and adding them to the portfolio. Especially for those who have managed and have retained employees so far and now needs a change in the strategic vision and management systems to adapt to the new reality.