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Capital Growth Company

Our goal is to create a highly profitable investment portfolio for people, to which end:
  • We buy companies with growth potential;
  • At the early stages of growth, we give investors the opportunity to become their co-owners;
  • Synergy team, with 20 years of experience, cares about increasing the value of these companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Our objective is to create for people a diversified investment portfolio with growing profitability, for which purpose we buy (we find and add to our portfolio) companies with rapid growth potential, introduce interested investors at the early growth stage, and Synergy, with 20 years of experience in working in the area of organizational development of companies, takes care of the increase in value of these companies. Our investors, shareholders and portfolio companies also benefit from the increased value.

When entering a company, we establish a special sub-fund in the form of an Ltd, through which we buy a 20% to 50% share of the selected company. In the sub-fund, we constantly keep 20% in the direct ownership of Synergy, while selling the remaining 80% to 4-5 investors, as a rule.

Companies that have: 1. scaling potential, 2. a team for which the customer is the starting point, who never compromise on product and service quality, have a long-term vision rather than a short-term profit motivation; 3. critically need Synergy’s competencies to grow.

Of particular interest are export-oriented manufacturing enterprises, HoReCa and hosting area representatives, retail chains, education and IT representatives.”

If you think the information provided in the answer to the question #3 concerns you, just fill out a simple form and we will contact you to become acquainted. No later than 1 week after the acquaintance, we will give you our primary answer regarding the possibilities of our cooperation.

Our main asset is Synergy’s experience since 1999, which we use in the approaches applied in our work with companies. Every company has a development team from Synergy that constantly takes care of its organizational-systemic development; we create surveillance formats in all companies - by arranging the reporting system and in the form of supervisory board meetings on a monthly basis; we take care of financing the company by increasing the equity and subordinated crediting as needed. See details on the page.

Individuals who either have their own successful business(es) and are interested in investing their accumulated financial resources in alternative, profitable sources, or are consistently high-paid employees who have sufficient savings and/or long-term income sources, are progressive and realize what an asset it can be to hold a share of a fast-growing company.

Regularly, 1%, 5%, 10% of companies are put up for sale. The minimum amount to buy 1% of a particular company starts at $ 1000.

75% of Synergy is owned by our Privileged shareholders, who bought the shares during emissions declared at different times. Together with us, the Privileged shareholders are co-owners of all companies where Synergy buys a stake.

“Privileged shares are offered to a group of individually chosen persons, on a selective basis.”

Return to the investor is calculated by counting the IRR on the investment, the amount of which depends on the project and the development phase in which the company is at present. We divide into 3 categories: investors of the first stage, who enter the company in the initial phase of development - the risk is high in this case, but the return is correspondingly high as well; the second category and the third category, when an investor enters an already stable company in anticipation of receiving the existing or expected dividend.

Brief information about the companies whose shares are being sold can be found on the page. To obtain information about shares put up currently for sale, as well as their values, please show your interest and our Investor Relations Manager will provide you with a pricelist for this month.

We help the existing investors to sell their shares at increased value. We do this proactively through our offers, as well as at their initiative.