Synergy Capital has released an updated pricelist

საინვესტიციო კომპანია

The total value of our portfolio has increased due to the growing dynamics of the companies’ results. Most of them play a critical role in society today; in the new reality, they have to work in conditions of increased workloads and, according to our forecasts, their growth will continue. At the same time, we continue […]

Synergy Capital attracted 1.5 million GEL in the last month despite the pandemic

საინვესტიციო კომპანიები

In the last month, despite the pandemic, we have been able to mobilize about 1.5 million GEL from investors – Georgian individuals. We are glad that there are people who see the need to invest in Georgian companies and the prospect of profitability and today they are investing their savings in it. It is especially […]

We urge those who are able to do so to start buying shares in Georgian companies

We call on everyone to start the working process of selecting, evaluating Georgian companies, negotiating and buying their shares, on those who can – persons and organizations. Many of the above can be done remotely. We believe that for those who have the appropriate savings, today is the best time to buy shares of Georgian […]