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საინვესტიციო ფონდები

Our story

Joint Stock Company Synergy was created in 2018 by Synergy Group.

More than 400 projects

with more than 150 organizations

ინვესტიციის ჩადება

Synergy Group Ltd. was established in 1999 and has since served private and public organizations operating in Georgia to develop management systems – strategic planning, organizational structure development, adjustment of business processes, refinement of evaluation and motivation systems.

More than half of Georgia’s top 100 companies have been customers of Synergy Group for years. Synergy Group customers

Since 2016, Synergy has launched management projects, which involved taking responsibility for results in the companies and performing management functions.

In 2018, it created a private capital company.

We in Synergy provide interested people and investors the opportunity to acquire at early stages the shares of companies that have the potential for rapid growth and whose development the Synergy team is constantly working on.

The main principles that unite us and by which we are guided in our activities:

  • Always be honest with regard to everyone and everything. Trust from both investors and companies is the most important asset for us.
  • Make as many people happy with our activities as possible and give them joy. This applies to our investors, employees of our portfolio companies, as well as their customers and, of course, the employees of Synergy, which is intertwined.
  • We are constantly looking for something new so that our existence always remains valuable and interesting for investors, companies and the public.

The team

პაპუნა ტოლიაშვილი,

Papuna Toliashvili

General Director, Partner at Synergy Group

მაიკო მარჯანიძე

Maia Marjanidze

Director, Partner and Director at Synergy Group

Giorgi Khukhunaishvili


Tami Chitashvili

Director, Partner at Synergy Group

მარიამ მუნჯიშვილი

Mariam Munjishvili

Director, Partner at Synergy Group

Tamar Jabua

 Partner at Synergy Group

Mariam Zhorzholiani

 Partner at Synergy Group

Nona Karkuzashvili

Director, Partner at Synergy Group

Thea Maisuradze

Chief Accountant

ნატო ტრანკაშვილი

Nato Trankashvili


Tornike Natchkebia

Financial Reporting Manager

Elene Kikalia

Junior Jurist